Hello Again! Email Series

A Done-for-You Email Series to Revive Your Dead Email List

Has it been ages since you emailed your list?

Now you aren't even sure how to start things back up because it's... well... awkward?

I've been there before. You thought you'd take a week off, but that week turned into months, and now you don't have a clue how to re-engage with your list. Do you just pop back up and pretend like you haven't been missing? Do you face it head-on and explain? Will they stay? Will they remember you, even? Is your head spinning????

This over-analysis often leads to paralysis, and we do nothing. That's exactly how the week turned into months. But one thing is certain -- your email list is worth it, and you want to re-engage those people. Stat.

For every $1 you spend on email marketing, you can expect an average return of $36. (Litmus.com) That's a 3,600% ROI. That's BANANAS!

Pouring into your email list is a very smart business strategy. There are no algorithms to compete with -- it's just you and your reader. You are developing a relationship, week after week, as you pop into their inbox with helpful tidbits to improve their life.

So, you know you need to focus on your list, and you're ready to commit. But how do you start things back up?

I got you.

Introducing the "Hello Again!" Email Series

A Done-for-You Email Series to Revive Your Dead Email List, Sans Awkwardness

You get 5 pre-written emails to use as a Re-engagement Email Series. These carefully curated emails are meant to offer your list a friendly and generous welcome back to your list.  


Your Emails:

Email 1:  This email's purpose is to re-introduce yourself and welcome them back


Email 2:  This email's purpose is to encourage them that it can be simple -- and share a powerful freebie with them (provided for you!)


Email 3:  This email's purpose is to ask them what they want to learn from you and share your favorite resources


Email 4:  This email's purpose is to go behind the scenes with a "Day in the Life of a Health Coach" 


Email 5:  This email's purpose is to introduce them to the Wheel of Wellness and invite them to a consult with you

Emails Come in an Easily Editable Word Document

Done-for-You Freebie

You get a beautiful, pre-made "Refresh Your Habits" Freebie to give inside of Email #2.  You get access to the Canva Template so you can edit it as little or as much as you wish.

Canva Templates

You get Canva Templates for Email Headers & an Email Signature so you can make your emails pop week after week, and during your Re-engagement Series.

Tutorial Videos

You don't have to worry about not knowing what the heck to do with this. I've created Tutorial Videos for every step of the way.  Have a question?  Let me know and I'll make a tutorial video to add to the vault! 

Is This The Year You Focus On Your Email List?

With the uncertainty of social media, the constant confusing rotation of algorithms, and the decrease in activity on social media within the last year... Putting your energy into nurturing and growing your email list is a safe, wise, and profitable business decision.

Revive Your Dead Email List Today.

Get your entire "Hello Again!" Email Series Suite today.


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